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Appropriate Food for Your Pet Rats!

All those people who have already bought or are thinking about buying pet rats must be well aware of the food these rats love to eat. One wrong food item can destroy the immune system of your pet animal. It is true in all senses. The rats must be given proper and hygienic food to give them healthy life style.

Best food for rats!

Rats are omnivorous. They will remain healthy and fit when fed with wholesome food items like whole meal bread, grains (millet, oats, barley, wheat), brown rice, vegetables, along with some good animal protein. Young rats of up to 12 weeks of age must be given high protein puppy food. The adult pet rats can be fed with mealworms, dog food, and lean meat scraps on daily basis. This food diet can also be combined with a large bowl of ‘rodent mix’ in the form of snacks. This will work out as a healthy food diet.

Experts of rat fan clubs!

Check out the experts in the rat fan clubs for the best recipe to maintain good general health and an active immune system in your rats. A vegetarian diet may not be able to give all needed nutrients to the rats. In case you really wish that your pet rats flourish and exceed in health than others, you must add little animal protein in their daily diet. In order to ease your job, simply serve dog biscuits to your pet rats.

Home made nutritional food items for domestic rats!

Home made food is high on nutrition. Therefore, this food is highly recommended and perfect for pet rats. You can get numerous specialty food items for rats around in the markets but there is only one item which is completely researched and given green card by the authors in relation to nutritional value that is Burgess Supa-Rat. The kittens and nursing rat mothers definitely require good food supplement containing protein along with additional calories for high energy. There is another rat food named Reggie Rat which is formulated with good types of nutritional values which are ideal for rat’s brain. On the other side, this rat food is also high in fats so avoid giving too much of this food. Your pet will put on weight easily.

Rats always love to get snacks as treats. Therefore, Burgess Supa Rabbit is the best option. This item is rich in pure yoghurt, animal protein and fresh vegetables. If you really wish to feed mixture of grains to your pet rats such as Reggie Rat then simply give a small amount. Keep one thing in mind, never give more food to your pet until and unless the first bowl is finished.

Fresh water must be available all the time. You should use the gravity bottle having ball valve that keeps the water clean. Moreover, the water must be changed daily and the water bottle must also be scrubbed at least once in a week. In case you are using bottle made up of plastic, then alter the bottle every 2-3 days in order to avoid the growth of algae and bacteria.

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